Which Aliens Character Are You?

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You just woke up from Hypersleep over LV-426... You don't know what awaits you.... Let's find out who you are and what's in store!

  1. Loadout & Dropship Prep in 7 Hours! What do you do?

    • Get involved
    • Do the job yourself to make sure it's done right
    • Get it done, quicker it's done the quicker we get to kick some.
    • Check the ordinance
    • Go over the plan one more time...just to be sure.
    • Find the easiest job
  2. The truth is out, there is a traitor and you've been set up. How do you handle it?

    • Use every ounce of self control not to rip his head off
    • Take charge
    • Soil yourself
    • Calmly but forcefully
    • Threaten to kill the rat sonofabitch
    • Watch and try to think of a plan to get everyone out
  3. You're on an express elevator to hell...going down... what do you do?

    • Catch a few last minute Zzzz's
    • Try and impart last minute information
    • Show off the size of your gun
    • Prepare the APC for immediate dust off.
    • Get nervous
    • Question your leader's experience
  4. The s*** just hit the fan and people are dying, what do you do?

    • Try to rally the men
    • Follow the most logical order, even if it's not the right one
    • Panic...then handle it
    • Smile inside
    • Save Them
    • Hand out live ammo, even though you got told not to
  5. It's time to eat, where do you sit?

    • Next to your buddies
    • Near the guy you know
    • As far away from the Lt. as possible.
    • Away from anyone who could hurt you
    • Where you can get a look at the newcomers
    • With the civilians
  6. You reach the compound, what's your job?

    • Get REALLY nervous
    • Get us in through the blast doors
    • You're on point with the biggest gun possible
    • Get your squad's ass moving
    • Observe only
    • Monitor the life readings and video feeds
  7. You've just woke up from stasis, the first thing you do is?

    • Wonder where the hell you are
    • Complain about something
    • Get a pump
    • Get down to business
    • Grab a hot shower
    • Make some breakfast
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