Which Star Trek Captain Are You?

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Are you the flamboyant Kirk or the noble Picard? Ready to find out which Starship Captain you are?

  1. Your Science officer tells you something potentially dangerous is coming, what do you do?

    • Fly right into it!
    • Exploration is the mission!
    • Ask him what he thinks we should do.
    • Regulations say standby until it gets closer.
    • Check it out, could be anything out here.
    • Just got to sit here I guess.
  2. A Klingon ship comes towards you, what do you do?

    • What's a Klingon?
    • Invite them on board.
    • Blow it up now!
    • Contact them, what are they doing out here?
    • Probably need to dock with us.
    • Try to escape!
  3. A new crew member comes aboard, what's the first thing you do?

    • Talk to them about what I expect from them on my ship.
    • Go to her quarters, show her around.
    • Try to calm their excitement at being on a spaceship.
    • Wonder how they could have gotten here!
    • Show them the ropes.
    • Tell her to meet me in my quarters.
  4. You need to go to earth for an important meeting. How quickly can you get there?

    • I can't! Important things to do here!
    • As soon as the federation needs me there!
    • In minutes, warp nine Scotty!
    • We probably are only a few planets away so... a couple weeks?
    • In a week, if we push it!
    • 75 years, give or take a few.
  5. Time to relax after a hard day. How do you spend your evening?

    • Looking for ways to shorten the journey home.
    • Finding a lovely lady in some bar!
    • With a book and a cup of earl grey.
    • Finding an orion slave girl!
    • Looking at all the planets!
    • Mapping wormholes.
  6. You meet a strange alien woman. What do you talk to her about?

    • Her dress!
    • My bedroom!
    • About her species, we need to log them in the federation index.
    • Ask her directions to earth.
    • There are lots of them around here. Don't bother stopping to talk.
    • Anything! She's an alien, how cool is that?
  7. There is a delicate negotiation going on and the federation needs help, what can you do?

    • Um... not much...
    • Someone else can deal with it.
    • What's a federation?
    • I'll fly right in there and sort them all out!
    • I'll get my crew to come up with a speech I can make. About truth and honor!
    • I will lead the negotiation to a good deal for everyone.
  8. A Supremely powerful being traps you, how do you convince him to let you go?

    • Supremely powerful? AAAH RUN AWAY!
    • Tell him to get the hell out of my way!
    • He's probably a Q, I'll shoo him away.
    • I'll sit around for the entire episode until some strange coincedence makes him let us go.
    • Just another day at the office. I'll sit around a while.
    • Throw him into a wormhole.
  9. An enemy escapes into a neutral zone, do you follow?

    • Yes, I follow! No pausing allowed!
    • Only after communicating with the federation.
    • Sit here, how can I follow him?
    • There are no neutral zones where we're going.
    • What neutral zone?
    • Yes, but cautiously.
  10. Finally, you are offered a promotion, do you take it?

    • Think I deserve it after all this.
    • Promotion to something better than captain of a spaceship? Wow!
    • No, not if I can avoid it.
    • Yes I take it!
    • Finally, a chance off this space station!
    • Yes, but only if I can come back for my ship later!
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