Which Version of Catwoman Are You?

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Are you the steamy Michelle Pfeiffer or Gotham's own Camren Bicondova? Find out which of the many versions of Gotham's Cat Burgular you are.

  1. Another villain wants to team up with you, what do you tell him?

    • Nuh-uh, I don't do that kind of thing!
    • Meh, not that interested.
    • Excellent, let's get more and take down Batman!
    • Another villain? I'm not a villain!
    • Maybe, but I'm keeping my eye on him.
  2. James Gordon asks for your help, what do you do?

    • He's asking for my help, really? Sounds like a trap.
    • Oh Jim, yeah I guess, but only if he ensures protection.
    • Haha, not a chance!
    • Are you joking?
    • Who?
  3. You find a five dollar bill on the street, what do you do?

    • Take it!
    • Take it!
    • Take it!
    • Take it!
    • Take it!
  4. What's your preferred day job?

    • Job? Nuh uh.
    • Cat burgular day and night!
    • Prisoner.
    • Whatever gets me close to a heist.
    • Graphic Designer.
  5. The Joker captures you, what do you do?

    • Defy him!
    • Call Batman for help?
    • Captured me? You mean teamed up with me right?
    • Isn't he dead?
    • Who's the Joker?
  6. Gotham is about to be destroyed, what do you do?

    • Holy Crap! Run!
    • I'm the one trying to destroy it, and my Super Defense Cat Bunker will protect me!
    • Sit and watch Batman save the city.
    • Get the hell out of there!
    • Gotham? I'm nowhere near there.
  7. Which Justice League member are you most like?

    • Batman
    • None of them!
    • Wonder Woman
    • Flash
    • Aquaman
  8. You hear about a heist going on, what do you do?

    • Stop those evildoers!
    • It's my people getting something for me!
    • Just sit and watch to see what happens.
    • Let Batman stop them, then go get it!
    • Get in there and steal it for myself!
  9. You see Batman out on patrol, what do you do?

    • Who's Batman?
    • Ignore him.
    • Move to France with him.
    • Attract him with my Bat-Attract-Perfume and then trap him in an elaborate glass bottle!
    • Seduce him and sleep with him!
  10. There's trouble at Arkham Asylum, what do you do?

    • Escape from it!
    • Stop it!
    • Get in there and cause some chaos!
    • I caused the trouble!
    • I'll just sit here, see what happens.
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