which character are you from Bad Blood?

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check out which character are you from Bad Blood Music Video

  1. which is your hair colour?

    • Blonde
    • Brunette
    • Red
  2. what is your fave quote from Bad Blood?

    • other
    • Band Aids dont fix bullet hoes
    • If you love like that blood runs cold
  3. which is your fave moment from Bad Blood?

    • when Arsyn and Catastrophe are coming with their squad
    • when Cut-throat shoots knife
    • when Arsyn hits Taylor
  4. if you were in the music video which character should be?

    • Arsyn
    • SlayZ
    • Cut-throat
  5. Do you want this music video to be continued?

    • I will think about it
    • yes
    • no
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