Which Pretty Little Liar Character Are You?

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So which are you from Pretty Little Liars? (Be honest with your answers please!)

  1. Can you keep a secret?

    • I write them down and only tell them if I need to.
    • I will always keep a secret.
    • I most likely will tell them sooner or later.
    • I try to keeps secret as long as I can.
    • It depends on the secret.
  2. Whats your favorite school subject?

    • Does lunch count?
    • History.
    • English.
    • Gym.
    • Debate class.
  3. What's most like your personality?

    • Very passionate and wise.
    • Smart but stubborn
    • Shy and quiet.
    • A leader.
    • Flirty and intense.
  4. Which would you rather date?

    • Wren.
    • Paige.
    • Toby.
    • Ezra.
    • Caleb.
  5. You would rather...

    • Read peoples mind.
    • Fly duh.
    • Freeze time.
    • Be super fast
    • Control minds.
  6. What would you do on a Friday night?

    • Take pictures.
    • Do homework.
    • Play sports.
    • Watch scary movies.
    • Party all night.
  7. Are you good at making confessions?

    • All my confessions are secrets.
    • I always cave sooner or later.
    • I tell when I'm asked.
    • I'm usually caught in the act.
    • It takes me a few days or so.
  8. Whats most like your fashion style?

    • I add my own crazy twist to my clothing.
    • Preppy and neat.
    • Cute and edgy.
    • Mature and pretty.
    • Casual and comfy.
  9. What is a hobby you like to do?

    • Write stories.
    • None of these.
    • Beating people at anything.
    • Play sports.
    • Take pictures.
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