Which Endless love character are you?

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A little qiuz to know which character are you.Hope you like it.

  1. What is important for you?

    • Money
    • Study
    • Love
    • Fame
  2. For what would you fight?

    • My self
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Love
  3. Which is your favourite character?

    • Jade
    • David
    • Jenny
    • Keth
  4. Which will you choose to do?

    • Go studing
    • Stay with your love
    • Trying to get on with a boy/girl whos girlfriend/boyfriend leave him/her
    • Wantn't go to school and marry my girlfriend/boyfriend
  5. What do you prefer do with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

    • Going to watch a movie
    • Oganising a party
    • Going in a special place for the weekend
    • Going in a Fun Park
  6. Which is your favourite quote?

    • "Another kiss is all i need."
    • "Endless love means never wanting to let go."
    • "I've never felt like this before.That's gotta mean something."
    • "My first love was every thing all at once, thee type of love you fight for, the type of boy you fight for."
  7. Which is your favourite boy?

    • David
    • Mace
    • Chris
    • Keith
  8. Which is your favourite movie?

    • The fault in our stars
    • The longiest ride
    • The age of Adaline
    • Endless Love
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