Which Fantastic Four Character are you?

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The trailer for the new Fantastic Four movie is looking pretty good, with its release coming soon hopefully this fun little quiz will get you excited to see it. If you aren't already.

  1. If you had superpowers would you help people?

    • Eventually, but I would have fun too.
    • Yes, I would protect those who couldn't protect themselves.
    • Yes, but I would avoid the fame.
    • Yes, it is the right thing to do.
  2. Do you go to a lot of parties?

    • Not really, I don't have a lot of friends by choice.
    • Oh yea, I am the life of the party.
    • I'm too busy working to go to any parties.
    • I get invited to some. Smaller parties though, I am very loyal and prefer a small trust worthy group of friends.
  3. If you saw a cat stuck in a tree would you?

    • Shake the cat out.
    • Reach up to grab it.
    • Smoke out the cat.
    • Climb up.
  4. What is the coolest power below?

    • Being like elastic
    • Fire and Flying
    • Force Fields
    • Super Strength
  5. Would you ever travel to a place you know nothing about?

    • Yes, I trust my research.
    • I am always up for adventure.
    • If my friends go, I go.
    • I can take care of myself.
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