Which "Inside Out" Character Are You?

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Which of the voices are you from "Inside Out"? Find out!

  1. Your parents have grounded you. How do you react?

    • How DARE you ground me!
    • Ugh - life is so unfair. Whatever man.
    • Hey I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you mad! Please don't ground me! Or maybe I can find something fun to do in my room!
    • Oh dear. What did I do? I'm just going to sulk in my room.
  2. You have to stand up and say something in front of loads of people. How do you react?

    • Oh I don't know if I can do this, I really don't want to.
    • Well THIS is humiliating!
    • Great, now everyone is looking at me and going to judge me.
    • OH MY GOD WHY!
    • That's OK, I have loads of great things to say. I don't mind!
  3. You don't want to go to work because you hate it. How do you react?

    • Ugh - work.
    • What if my boss shouts at me? What if I make a mistake? Oh God I need to leave!
    • Another day at work - I might just lie on the floor for a bit or hide in the toilet. It's going to be a slow and terrible day.
    • Just focus on getting through the day. We will leave and get a better job!
    • Stupid job. Stupid bills. Stupid life! Stupid everything! You wait till I see my boss!
  4. You reeeeeeally like someone in your class or at work. How do you react?

    • Let's go talk to them! Get to know them! Then ask them out maybe!
    • I hate boys/girls! They make you feel stupid stuff and I have NO TIME! He/she hates me anyway!
    • Don't talk to them or even look at them - you want them to like you.
    • I'm ugly and boring and no one will ever love me. Oh they're so dreamy - I should try and move on.
    • Oh God they're over there what the hell do I do?!
  5. There's a cool movie in cinemas and you desperately want to go see it! How do you react?

    • I'm going to look so lame if I don't watch this movie
    • It's probably going to be disappointing
    • I need to see this movie! I don't know what I'll do if I don't see this movie! Wait - what if the cinema is packed?
    • I'm seeing this movie whether anyone likes it or not and no one can stop me!
  6. You're playing your favourite sport, and you really want to win - how do you react?

    • I don't think I can cope with the pressure!
    • It's going to be so humiliating if I don't make this shot. I'm going to win because I can't live with the shame!
    • THIS is how you PLAY! GO AWAY! This is MY shot!
    • I have no idea what I'm doing - I'm no good.
    • LET'S DO THIS!
  7. Someone is being really horrible to you and it's so bad that you need to do something now. How do you react?

    • Oh why are people mean? Why do nasty people exist!?
    • Hey there's no need to be like that! You should try smiling and being nice once in a while!
    • Oh great it's them again. Not in the mood for this - GOOD - BYE!
    • Oh goodness it's them again they're saying mean things what do I do! Must avoid them at all costs!
    • Right! That's it! No one is mean to ME! I'll show them what mean is!!!
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