Which Netflix Movie Should I Watch?

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Take this quiz to find out what movie you should watch next on Netflix!

  1. What do you want out of a movie?

    • Kick Ass Action
    • Adventure
    • Scary Moments
    • Laughs
    • Intelligence
  2. What kind of journey do you want to take?

    • A True Real Life Story.
    • A Cautionary Tale of the Future.
    • A Funny Look at "Real" life.
    • A bromance that should have never happened.
    • A supernatural love story (with action)
  3. Pick one that jumps out to you.

    • Comedians
    • Swords and Guns
    • Magic
    • Vampires
    • Jump Scare
  4. What genre are you in the mood for?

    • Drama
    • Classic
    • Horror
    • Documentary
    • Comedy
  5. Who are you watching this with?

    • Your oldest best friend.
    • Girlfriend/Boyfriend
    • Friends
    • Colleagues
    • Bro's
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