Who Is Your Parks & Rec Spirit Animal?

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I have been rewatching Parks and Recreation lately, almost obsessively, getting through the first five seasons like just a couple days. It got me to wondering, with all the diversity that the Parks Department has among their staff, who would I get along with the best? Over-achieving Leslie Knope or maybe her nerd-friendly husband Ben Wyatt. How about you? Is April or Andy your one true soul mate, or maybe Ron Swanson is really your spirit animal! Either way, if you are a fan of the now defunct series, take the quiz and find out who you should have been sharing office space with!

  1. What is your ideal night out on the town?

    • Woodworking and Meat Eating
    • Creating a presentation on presentations
    • Plotting revenge
    • Writing songs and making out
    • Staying in and rewatching Game of Thrones
    • Convincing everyone to drink Snake Juice
  2. Your town has just been hit by a major disaster! How do you respond?

    • Retreat to the woods to watch it burn
    • Hide because you're most likely responsible for the disaster
    • Watch in terror, then realize it looks just like that scene in Star Wars when...
    • Scramble to gather your most precious items while screaming like a girl
    • Call the FBI and ask for their top super secret agent
    • Smile and get excited because you get to break out your emergency evacuation plan
  3. Feeling unsatisfied in life, you want to make a change. What would that change be?

    • I fear change of any kind
    • Change your identity, steal a car and take off
    • Find the latest trend and exploit it
    • Spend countless hours making pro & con lists about needing a change
    • Become a multi-millionaire board game designer
    • Underpants
  4. Your friend has just been threatened by their enemy - how do you respond?

    • Run and hide in the nearest club
    • Punch them quickly and quietly in the face
    • Fight tirelessly to make sure that enemy is decimated, OR bribe them with copious amounts of breakfast foods.
    • Watch in shock then write a song about it
    • Fill their car with garbage and unleash the racoons
    • Steal an idea from Game of Thrones to help bring about their undoing.
  5. Pick a Food:

    • Butter
    • Caviar
    • Waffles
    • Calzones
    • Nothing. I hate food.
    • Meat
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