Which Spider-Man Are You?

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We finally answer one of the biggest questions in web-history: Which version of the legendary Wall-Crawler are you?

  1. Alright, then: It's your first day at a new school. What's your first move?

    • Head in the direction of that cute foreign exchange student...
    • Head to the science lab, mid-terms are only a few months away...
    • Head to class straight away, keeping my head down as I go...
    • Head to the computer lab to see if they have an Xbox...
    • Head to the cafeteria to make a new friend or two...
  2. On the way there, you suddenly find yourself being hassled by a quintessential school bully. What's your response?

    • Take a swing at them...
    • Try to humiliate them...
    • Walk away...
    • Tell yourself you'll show them up one day...
    • Take it on the chin, and move on...
  3. Soon after, though, you (literally) run into a cute fellow student. What's your opening line?

    • "How do you feel about microscopes?"
    • "I am SO sorry..."
    • "Uh, Hi. My name is..."
    • Awkward stammering.
    • "Sup?"
  4. The next day, you head out on your first field trip (cool school, right?). Who're you hoping to be paired up with?

    • That kid who is always hanging out with that bunch of awesome seeming misfits.
    • That cute redhead with the hair.
    • Uh...anyone?
    • The snarky blonde who clearly has no damns left to give.
    • That rich kid with the weird hair. Harry, was it?
  5. While on the trip, you get bitten by a radioactive spider (of course), what was distracting you at the time?

    • Being locked in a spider-enclosure by bullies...
    • Falling over my own feet. Again.
    • That giant, sexy microscope...
    • Absolutely nothing to do with that blonde, that's for sure...Ahem...
    • My iPhone...
  6. When you get home you start to feel a strange sensation running through your body (no, not that kind). Who do you call for help?

    • My next door neighbor.
    • My best friend. Duh.
    • My crush.
    • The wise older relative I live with.
    • No one. This is the kind of thing you keep to yourself.
  7. Soon, you discover that you now have Spider-related powers - what's your first response?

    • Teen angst?
    • Imitating my hero, Spider-Man, OBVIOUSLY.
    • So. Much. Swinging. From. Buildings.
    • Pro-wrestling.
    • Emo dance freakout.
  8. Let's be honest, though. How are you going to get a costume?

    • Science?
    • Is a hoodie not good enough?
    • I'm actually very good at sewing. Why, aren't you?
    • By poking through whatever I can find in the basement and at school, I guess?
    • One of my friends'll help me out.
  9. At school the next day, you run into those bullies again. What do you do now?

    • Keep cool, and pretend I don't have epic superpowers.
    • Stay the hell away from them.
    • Humiliate the hell out of them.
    • How much punching can I do before it counts as assault?
    • Join the basketball team, just to piss them off.
  10. And, finally - the big one: who's your favorite Ninja Turtle?

    • Leonardo
    • Donatello
    • Does Casey Jones count?
    • Raphael
    • Michelangelo
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