Which Jurassic Park Character Are You?

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Are you the smart witty Dr. Ian Malcolm or the insane John Hammond?

  1. A man in a helicopter lands on an important dig sight you've been working on for months and trashes it. What do you do?

    • Not care and continue trying to pick up this girl.
    • Run away. Helicopters can kill me!
    • Run up to the man and go nuts.
    • Walk into the trailer and open a bottle of champagne.
    • Go cover up your work.
  2. You find out there is a dinosaur theme park off the coast of Costa Rica. Go or not?

    • GO!!! Dinosaurs are amazing and i'd love to see them up close!
    • Go, there might be extinct plants.
    • I don't know. Those dinos could kill me. But then, money.
    • Go, it's a great way to bring families together.
    • I don't care.
  3. The power turns off and a dinosaur gets loose and starts attacking on of your cars. What to do...

    • Find a way to help but at the same time mess it up.
    • Make a way to get the dino back in its cage.
    • Find some way to turn the power back on.
    • RUN!!! RUN AND HIDE!!!!
    • Get to the control room and try to send people out there to capture it.
  4. You get to the control room and are being chased by velociraptors. How to stay alive?

    • Protect everyone with you until help comes.
    • Get to the helicopter, abandon the island. There's no hope!
    • Take their hands and put a drop of water on it to amaze them some how. Then run when they're distracted
    • Find the computers and turn the system back on!
    • Curl into a little ball and wait for death. It's inevitable.
  5. So... endorse the park or not?

    • Eh not really, I mean it is dinosaurs but it could also kill people so i guess not.
    • No! But it is money. But it is dinosaurs.
    • No, i won't let this turn into a war zone!
    • Naaaahhhh.
    • No! People will die!
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