Which Avenger Are You Most Like?

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Are you the behemoth that is the Incredible Hulk or the invincible armoured Iron-Man or Captain America the star spangled man with a plan or the God of thunder Thor,maybe even the Archer who never misses Hawkeye or are you the super spy Black Widow.

  1. Favourite Food?

    • A Banquet
    • A Roast Dinner
    • Milk-Shake
    • Cheese Burger
    • Pickles
    • Bubble-gum
  2. Hair Colour?

    • Long Golden Locks
    • Green
    • Blonde
    • Black
    • Red
    • Brown
  3. Favourite Colour?

    • Black
    • Hot-Rod Red
    • Purple
    • Gold
    • Green
    • Blue
  4. Best Quote?

    • "He's Adopted."
    • "Language"
    • "We're Fighting An Army Of Robots And I Have A Bow And Arrow."
    • "Puny God"
    • "D**k Move"
    • "Any Of You Fellas Know Where The Smithsonian Is I'm About To Pick Up A Fossil."
  5. Best Weapon ?

    • A Good Pair 'O' Fists Will Do
    • Caps' Shield
    • Tony's' Armour
    • Guns Sing Bracelets and batons.
    • A Bow And Trick Arrows
    • Mjonlir
  6. A Child Is In Danger Of Being Hit By An Unaware Driver What Do You Do?

    • Fly By Grab Them The Take A Selfie With Them Then Fly Away Again
    • Shoot A Cable Arrow That Will Stop The Car Then Usher The Child From The Road
    • Run By And Save Them Then Warn Them About The Dangers Of Playing On Roads
    • Swoop Them Into The Air And Leave Them In A Dumb Place Without Realising
    • Swing By Then Grab the Kid And Leave Them On The Side-walk And Continue Doing What You Were
    • Smash The Car
  7. Who Is Your Nemesis?

    • Loki
    • Red Skull
    • The Leader
    • The Mandarin
    • Black Lotus
    • Crossfire
  8. How Proficient In Hand To Hand Combat Are You ?

    • Super Super Super Strong Pro With Acrobatic Skills
    • Super Super Super Super Super Super Strong
    • Pro
    • Super Super Super Strong Pro
    • Not Bad
    • Super Pro With Acrobatic Skills
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