Which MCU villain are you?

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Which awesome big baddie you think you are?

  1. First things first, if you're a super villain whats your view against superheroes?

    • Smash them all!!
    • They should understand I'm a villain for the good going of the world.
    • I have only one enemy, who I don't wanna kill.
    • Who the hell gave them they right to interfere in our business?
    • They come to me, I'll kill them.
    • Meh, kill one, they all get mad
    • I am Groot!
    • There is only one path to peace. Their extinction.
    • They're identity mustn't be a secret anymore.
  2. What super power would you like to have?

    • An army, duh.
    • Illusions, teleportation, mind control.
    • A staff. With powers in it. Like Gandalf.
    • Powers creepy enough to smoke the s*** of my nemesis
    • Steal the superheroes weapons and arms.
    • An android bot ; flight, speed, strength, adaption, etc
    • Strength, hand to hand combat specialist.
    • Create something similar to what the hero has.
    • Become just, exactly like the hero.
  3. Whats your path to world domination?

    • Transform myself into SOMETHING.
    • I have powers, I can do whatever I want.
    • Continue from where your predecessor left of.
    • Friend turned foe.
    • Go for your goal right away. Anyone comes in your way, crush them.
    • Money.
    • One to one rivalry. I kill my nemesis, and I'm a goner.
    • Start small. Then build the company you crave for.
    • Take whats rightfully yours.
    • Realise the ugly truth and go rogue.
  4. Would you ever team up with a villain?

    • I am already a leader of my team. Why would I need to team up?
    • I'm already too damn strong for my nemesis.
    • No. Never.
    • If we have the same viewpoint, yes.
    • I am not in control. Sadly.
    • I don't really think that's necessary.
    • If it means me killing my enemy, yep for sure!
    • Nah. I'll just play around with peoples minds and make them work for me.
    • Been there done that. Didn't turn out to be smooth.
    • Nope. Rather CREATE an army.
  5. Out of these, whats your preferred company or alliance?

    • The Hand
    • Lethal Legion
    • The Kree Empire
    • I lead an army....
    • Masters of Evil
    • The Chessmen
    • Solo bruh.
    • HYDRA
    • KGB
    • Can't quite decide...
  6. You need to pick a nemesis to fight against, who would it be?

    • Hulk
    • Iron Patriot (James Rhodes)
    • Black Widow
    • Captain America
    • Star Lord
    • The Vision
    • War Machine
    • Falcon
    • Thor
    • Iron Man
  7. You find out the secret identity of your nemesis, your next move?

    • Just grab a popcorn and wait for someone else to make a move.
    • You already kinda knew it, you just weren't sure enough.
    • The inner Ronald McDonald of you comes alive out of happiness, cause you knew it all this while.
    • It doesn't matter anymore.
    • Create chaos. Use it to expose the identity.
    • You stay shocked. Stay. Shocked.
    • Go after his/hers loved ones.
    • Keep it a secret, then use it as blackmail.
    • Go after his/hers assets.
    • Ignore. Go as planned.
  8. You have captured your nemesis. Your next move?

    • Torture first, then kill.
    • Steal their powers. Oh hell yes!
    • Smash. Duh
    • I will do what I am ordered to do.
    • Capturing is for kids. I kill, right away.
    • Kill. Duh.
    • Question them. Look for their affiliations and finish them too.
    • Play heavy mind games with them.
    • Make them watch what you have in store for their loved ones.
    • Make them watch what you're gonna do to the world. Then kill.
  9. Your ideal spot for killing your nemesis?

    • In front of his/hers loved ones.
    • Doesn't matter.
    • On the Avengers tower.
    • In his/hers home. The element of surprise, Unagi.
    • Somewhere, where it brings back good ol' memories.
    • In a battlefield. The classic.
    • Outter space. Cause everything is else is too damn mainstream.
    • In a castle. A little game of hide and seek.
    • In the middle of the city.
    • In front of the people. Cause you know, it's awesome!
  10. Final question, now that you have achieved your goal, what do you do?

    • Something doesn't feel right...
    • 11 PM, your place or mine?
    • No stopping myself. No can do.
    • AHHH! Its over! Best day ever! World domination at last!!
    • It was the only reason we were born for. Is the alliance gonna get dissolved?
    • My job's done. Goodbye world.
    • Hit the club maybe?
    • Now, I have everything what I didn't have. Go rogue a little bit more maybe?
    • Meh. Doesn't matter. I want to kill more
    • Hmmm. Netflix awaits me.
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