Which Tom Cruise Character Are You?

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In honour of the release of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, you can finally find out which version of Tom you are...

  1. You've just scored a major victory, how do you celebrate.

    • Find a bar for a quiet beer with your team
    • Bust some moves and party
    • Put it down to your life system & write an ad about it
    • High-Five's, beer & manly hugs
    • Drink so much Louis Tres you'll need a RedEye
    • A glass of your favourite red, preferably Creole
    • Go and see your wife
  2. What is your biggest weakness?

    • You're a dick
    • Having a conciense
    • Cockiness
    • Getting too close
    • Someone offering a bet
    • Vanity
    • Self-Importance
  3. Your best friend is?

    • The guy who got you out of trouble years ago
    • A 4 year old
    • Funnier than you, but also more mature
    • Get the F*** outta here
    • A whiner with no stomach for the life
    • Who needs friends when you've got a c**k?
    • Older than you but way less mature
  4. Which song would be most about you?

    • A moody instrumental
    • Free Fallin'
    • Womaniser
    • Fly Like An Eagle
    • Sympathy For The Devil
    • You're So Vain
    • Pretty Fly For A White Guy
  5. What's your view on kids?

    • Nope, too much going on
    • Vermin
    • Never...ever
    • Spooked by them
    • Still learning but I'm not hating it
    • A plaything
    • Not for me, but great for my buddy...
  6. What was your relationship like with your father?

    • Was OK, like most other people I guess
    • Strained... very strained
    • Good, but he's not the most popular guy
    • He never gave me a choice
    • Hated him
    • Don't like to talk about personal stuff
    • Trying not to be like him...really trying
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