Would You Survive a '90s Slasher Movie?

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The '90s gave us many things: the Game Boy, boy bands, "Boy Meets World" -- basically, anything with "boy" in the name. More importantly, the '90s also delivered a commendable resurrection of the slasher sub-genre of horror moviemaking. Starting in 1996 with "Scream" (and slowly devolving from there), the latter half of the Decade of Grunge saw all sorts of deranged killers hit the cineplex, from knife-wielding maniacs to slicker-clad hook-killers -- you've probably seen them all. But is your knowledge of '90s slasher movies strong enough for you to escape death in a real-life scenario? Take the quiz to find out.

  1. You're driving down the highway with your friends when you accidentally hit someone. What do you do?

    • Dump the body and forget about it.
    • Call the cops
  2. There's a killer on the loose and you're hanging out with your significant other. What do you?

    • Be alert. There's time too fool around when the killer's caught
    • Get it on. Life's too short...right?
  3. Your parents lock you up in hopes of protecting you. Do you break out or sit tight?

    • You sneek out. Bye Felicia!
    • Sit tight but don't sleep
  4. The cops say they've caught the killer but the evidence just doesn't add up. What do you do?

    • Go back to your normal routine
    • Try and proov they'er wrong
  5. You're trapped with the killer. What's your next step?

    • Hide. Hide in the closet. Hide under the bed. Just hide
    • Grab the nearest wepon and fight back
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