Which movie anti-hero are you?

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Are you a psycho like Patrick Bateman or a drug lord like Tony Montana.

  1. How do you finish a job?

    • Leave the place as a mess
    • Drive to a secure location and go your own way.
    • Place everything where you want it to be then leave before the police get there.
    • Let someone else clean it up, you have things to attend to.
    • Prepare everything before hand so it doesn't take long to clear up.
    • Destroy everything!
  2. Your friend introduces you to someone you don't like the look of. What do you do?

    • Either insult them or don't acknowledge them at all.
    • Don't say anything.
    • Ignore that person and just talk to your friend.
    • Get your "other" friends and make them feel uncomfortable.
    • Tell them why you don't like them.
    • Tell them you kill people to pass the time when they're not listening
  3. What do you do for fun?

    • Start a fight with a random person
    • Discuss business with your colleagues, go for an expensive meal then listen to 80's tunes.
    • Drive for a bit, maybe talk to your neighbor.
    • Admire your empire from the safety of your office.
    • Gather some friends and trash a rich guys house.
    • Watch TV and go online for work purposes.
  4. What is your goal in life?

    • To kill anyone who you come across.
    • To live in peace and quiet
    • To just have a good time with your friends
    • To be the best at what you do, no matter what it takes.
    • To get to the top of the food chain
    • To tear down the establishment
  5. You have some guests round who want a "favor" from you. Do you...

    • Insult them.
    • Do the "favor" in an unorthodox and destructive way.
    • Say you can get the "favor" done but you'll only have five minutes to do it in.
    • Correct them and tell them your way of doing it, which is the right way.
    • Start talking about the latest music sensation in descriptive detail.
    • Beat them to death with the nearest inanimate object rather than talking to them.
  6. You don't show up for work. What do you tell your boss?

    • That I was busy, he'll understand.
    • I was working, it just took a little longer than expected.
    • I don't have a job.
    • I am my own boss.
    • Say that you want a raise and to work from home. Through any means of persuasion.
    • That you've killed some people.
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