Which Robin Are You?

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Take a quiz to find out which of the four main Robins you are most like

  1. You run into a mugger. How do you take him down?

    • Breaking as many of his bones as I can.
    • I do exactly as I was trained.
    • Acrobatic leaps and kicks, as well as a few sarcastic remarks.
    • So. Much. Punching.
  2. How did you meet Batman?

    • I don't wanna talk about it.
    • He took me in when I needed it most.
    • Trying to get some free stuff.
    • Found out who my hero was.
  3. What's you're pet of choice?

    • A dog, of course.
    • A cow, but like that would ever happen.
    • Whatever they have, but a dog would be cool.
    • I don't care, it would just get in the way.
  4. You run into The Joker. What do you do?

    • Time to kill the S.O.B!
    • Get as much done as I can, but also call Batman.
    • Wait for Batman. I can't take him on my own.
    • I got this.
  5. You get captured by Joker! What happened?

    • Definitely not that other clown... What's her name?
    • It wasn't my fault! I didn't see him.
    • He caught me off guard.
    • I wasn't fast enough. Batman'll help get me out!
  6. How do you leave the cave in the end?

    • Death.
    • I leave on a motorbike to build my own legend.
    • On mutual terms to lead other like me.
    • Batman's failure.
  7. Batman dies. What do you do?

    • Mourn the loss, and protect the city for the time being until someone else rises up.
    • Continue the legend.
    • Take up the mantel, but only because I have to.
    • Criminals will bleed! I AM BATMAN!
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