Which Hunger Games Character Are You?

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Are you the mocking jay or somebody else?...

  1. Its the day of the reaping and one of your family members has been picked to be tribute what do you do?

    • stay quiet your sure that they can make it back
    • start a riot in hope that no one will be going into this years hunger games
    • take there place by volunteering for them
  2. Your on your way to the capitol and are about to meet your mentor and other tribute from your district do you:

    • Say that you already know what your doing and don't need anyone else's help.
    • Stay quiet and see what there like, you'll speak once you know they're ok.
    • Try and create a conversation with the other tribute and instantly talk about tactics with your mentor.
  3. Training day and you get to meet all of the tributes what do you do?:

    • Don't talk to anyone apart from the tribute in your district its better for you to work alone.
    • Show off your strength and accuracy with weapons to show the others not to mess with you.
    • Try and make an alliance with other tributes as it will help you stay alive longer.
  4. It's interview time! You're about to go on stage and show yourself to the world how do you present yourself?

    • As an innocent young person who only wanted to help your family.
    • As a confident funny person who hopes to win the games with your charm.
    • As a confident brutal person who has no fear about the other tributes.
  5. Your going up into the arena and waiting for the countdown to reach 0 but when it has what do you do?

    • Try and get supplies but then run away fast before you too get killed.
    • Get into the fight, your not afraid, you need the supplies!
    • Run away from the fight and let the rest of the tributes fight each other your going for high ground.
  6. You've just witnessed one of your allies get killed what do you do?

    • Gather flowers and lay them to rest peacefully.
    • Run and hide by disguising yourself
    • Kill the person who did this and mourn for a few days.
  7. You've just found out that two people can win if your from the same district what do you do?

    • Kill everyone and if you happen to bump into the person from your district you'll consider helping them.
    • Your injured too much! You decide to hide and hope that someone will come by and save you.
    • Go looking for the other person from your district hopefully you can help each other out and eventually win.
  8. Your ally is badly injured and needs medicine but its in the middle of the arena where all of the careers are what do you do?

    • Go out and get the medicine killing everyone who get in your way.
    • Insist that you both go out and get it.
    • Wait till there sleeping then slip out and get them medicine.
  9. You've both made it to the end and you should have won but a new rule change means that only one can win what do you do?

    • Kill yourself you've grown to like this other person and they have more of a family to care for.
    • Insist that the other person kills you there more worth it.
    • Give each of you poison berries if they want a show they can one.
  10. You've both won and your out of the arena! Your about to get your first interview as a winner how do you explain how you both got out of there?

    • Say that you couldn't live without the other person they mean a lot to you.
    • Say that you both have families to get back to and thats all you aimed for.
    • Thank the other person for saving your life.
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