Could You Beat Gollum's Riddle Test?

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Hello precious, it seems you've made your way into our cave. You see, we've not eaten anything but nasty goblinses lately, and we're getting hungry precious. Luckily for you, we like games. We will ask you riddles, and if you guess them correctly, we will show you the way out. If you guess them wrong precious, we will eats it whole.

  1. Okay precious, we will begin. It bleeds with blood so black and dark, yet can ignite with simple sparks.

    • Flesh
    • Ale
    • Oil
    • A quill
  2. Skin have I, more eyes than one. I can be nice when I am done.

    • A mouse
    • Soup
    • A man
    • A potato
  3. Two is company. Three is a crowd. What are four and five?

    • Children
    • A group
    • Numbers
    • Nine
  4. Wears a cap, yet has no head. Full of life, but yet is dead.

    • A grave
    • A skeleton
    • A jar
    • A house
  5. Stands without legs, waves without fingers. Always moving, never lingers.

    • Wind
    • A snake
    • A tree
    • A horse
  6. Flies with wings like tricksy birds, whistles sharp but can't be heard.

    • A dragon
    • An arrow
    • Wind
    • Clouds
  7. Pool of white, black pearl hidden. Scarlet lightning, color ridden.

    • The sun
    • The sky
    • Eggs
    • An eye
  8. I know a word of letters three, add two, and fewer there shall be.

    • Big
    • Sad
    • Ton
    • Few
  9. Almost there precious, just two more. Held with rounded hands, sits on rounded stools. Respected by the noble, yet cherished by the fools.

    • Wine
    • Jewelry
    • Coins
    • A throne
  10. Last one precious, then we will decide. One word, all letters. What is it precious?

    • Floccinaucinihilipilification
    • Antidisenstablishmentarianism
    • Alphabet
    • Mail
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