Which Iconic '90s West Coast Rapper Are You?

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Were you outta Compton, Long Beach, or somewhere else on the Westside?

  1. What do you look for in a friend?

    • Somebody who always knows where the party is at.
    • Somebody who can help me succeed.
    • Somebody who has serious passion for what they do.
    • Somebody who likes to chill and talk about whatever.
    • Somebody who is highly principled.
  2. What is your dream job

    • Just being an overall boss
    • Being an actor
    • NFL Wide Receiver
    • Somehow touching people's lives
    • Preacher
  3. What's your favorite type of (non-hip hop) music?

    • Jazz
    • Reggae
    • Rock
    • EDM
    • Classical
  4. Which bums you out the most?

    • Having a friend do you wrong.
    • Being misunderstood.
    • Not getting the job offer you wanted.
    • A girl or guy you like not liking you back.
    • Running out of weed.
  5. Which CURRENT rapper do you identify with most?

    • Kanye West
    • J. Cole
    • Jay-Z
    • Kendrick Lamar
    • Lil Wayne
  6. If you had to complain about one of these things what would it be?

    • I hate practicing safe sex.
    • The police.
    • People underestimate me.
    • Why can't more people see things the way I do?
    • The weed isn't as good as it could be.
  7. How do you feel RIGHT now?

    • Motivated
    • Lazy/tired
    • A complex array of emotions
    • Happy
    • Angry
  8. How do you think it is best to solve disputes?

    • Say 'eff em'.
    • Make a diss track about them.
    • Talk things out. Over weed.
    • Have a drink with the person and get over yourselves.
    • Physical fight.
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