Which Spiderman Are You?

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Are you Tobey Maguire's Spiderman or Andrew Garfield's?

  1. You've been bitten by a special type of spider which gives you the abilities to become spiderman but how do you use your powers?

    • For the good but you also have fun with it by showing up the popular kids at your school however you still keep your powers a secret.
    • For the good and only when necessary you would not use it around your friends or in school on purpose.
  2. Your uncle has just been killed and your searching for the killer but what do you plan to do when you find him?

    • Question him about why he did it and hit him quite a bit until handing him over to the police you hate him but you wouldn't kill him for what he's done.
    • Confront and give him hell, you will most probably end up killing him because you believe he deserves it.
  3. You hear about a dangerous criminal threatening people in your city what do you do?

    • Work around the cops its better to get attention from the criminal that way they won't try and hurt the cops.
    • Work with the cops sometimes you need other equipment than just your powers.
  4. The girl of your dreams wants to be with you do you let her?

    • No. if your enemy find out who you are she could get hurt.
    • Yes. Your enemys don't know your spiderman so you may as well be in love whilst you can.
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