Which version of Jennifer Lawrence are you?

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Happy birthday Jennifer Lawrence! The beautiful J-Law turns 25 today, to celebrate with us find out which of Jen's characters you are most like!

  1. It's your birthday! How do you celebrate?

    • Destroy my enemies!
    • Make my husband throw me a party.
    • I don't celebrate.
    • Get pissed with my mates.
    • Do whatever I want.
  2. You're forced to fight for your life, how do you act?

    • Shoot everybody.
    • Get a bunch of buddies to help me out.
    • Play my enemies against each other.
    • Alienate everyone. I can do it myself.
    • Hide in a tree.
  3. Someone tries to take advantage of you, how do you respond?

    • My agent will stop them.
    • Beat the crap out of them and scream at them!
    • Stab them with an arrow.
    • I shoot them in the face.
    • Let them think they're succeeding.
  4. You're torn between two lovers, how do you decide?

    • Don't get involved with either.
    • Sleep with both of them.
    • Marry one, just use the other.
    • Be indecisive for four films.
    • Kill them both.
  5. You have to make a speech to your followers, what do you say?

    • Screw you all!
    • Hey douchebags, what's up?
    • I volunteer as tribute!
    • Followers? Hi, how are you guys doing?
    • You will all die!
  6. Someone you love is in trouble, what do you do?

    • Leave him and go off with his best friend.
    • I love no-one.
    • Help them!
    • I dunno, let my husband deal with it.
    • Take their troubles on myself.
  7. Favourite colour?

    • Black
    • Fire... I mean red
    • Gold
    • Blue
    • White
  8. What do you do in your free time?

    • Hunt
    • Dance
    • Drink
    • Shop
    • Murder
  9. Which job do you prefer?

    • Unemployed
    • Killer
    • Trophy wife
    • Dancer
    • Actress
  10. Which hashtag suits you best?

    • #rebel
    • #yolo
    • #killer
    • #depressed
    • #mensuck
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