Which Time Traveller Are You?

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You've got the ability to travel through time? What would you do with it? Take this quiz below and find out which time traveller you're most like!

  1. What's the best way to travel?

    • Fit, prepared and armed!
    • Without any inorganic matter!
    • With my friends!
    • Driving a sweet car!
    • I didn't, I just woke up.
    • I don't get to choose, I never even get to say goodbye?
    • The Chameleon drive broke centuries ago, but this form has served me pretty well.
    • Trusting myself...
  2. What's the first thing you say when you realise you can travel through time?

    • Whoa!
    • Oh Boy!
    • Excellent!
    • This Is Heavy
    • Yes Sir!
    • Geronimo!
    • What's Going On Here?
    • Did you bring weapons?
  3. Why do you travel through time?

    • I had an accident!
    • Cos it's THERE!
    • To save the world!
    • To save my skin!
    • Cos someone is making me!
    • Cos I built a machine!
    • Cos I don't want to go to Military School In Alaska!
    • To avoid egregiously flunking History dude!
  4. How do you get home?

    • Back? I never said anything about coming back!
    • Dial one number lower, duh!
    • I don't know that I'm not home already!
    • Use the booth!
    • No one comes home!
    • I need help from The Doc...
    • Home? I don't have one!
    • I don't know, but one day I'll get there!
  5. What's your favourite thing about time travel?

    • Putting right what once went wrong!
    • Meeting people I know...and Annie!
    • Humans
    • Medieval England... Medieval England, Iowa...
    • This isn't fun!
    • I get to change my world!
    • The Babes!
    • I get to meet...HER!
  6. Do you travel alone?

    • Well there is the hologram...
    • Only one person could come back!
    • No, I need backup, & weapons
    • I am alone here...
    • Never, I hate being alone!
    • No way!
    • We need Extra Credit Dude...let's bag him!
    • At first, now I can bring Jennifer along!
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