Attack on Titan Quiz: Which Titan Are You?

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So I heard you want to be a titan! Let's see which one you get!

  1. Answer honestly... Do you want to be a titan?

    • Titan?! B-but, they are scary..
    • Well, I would not expect it..but of course, it's awesome!!
    • Yes, I am cool with it!
    • If I have no choice, I would want to be a titan!
    • You are making no sense, I am a titan!
  2. How would you like yourself to be turned into one?

    • I am strong! I can turn into one easily at will!
    • Secretly.
    • Any time, any where, whenever I needed it.
    • What are you talking about? I am already a titan.
    • The most efficient way.
  3. Which of the following is your best feature?

    • Your strength.
    • Your smile.
    • Your endurance.
    • Your devotion.
    • Your determination.
    • Your perseverance.
  4. Can you live without the Sun?

    • Yes.
    • No.
  5. Oh my! You have been turned into a titan... Now, how will you defeat your enemy?!

    • Defeat them with my unique fighting style!
    • Defeat them with brute force!
    • Why fight? I am leaving for good!
    • Just eat them!
    • No idea, I always win!
    • Wait for the right moment to strike!
  6. Are humans delicious?

    • I am not a cannibal!!
    • I will never devour my own race into extinction!
    • Hmm… I don’t know.
    • I might be cruel but I am not into human meat.
    • Very, very delicious.
    • Eww NO, I will never eat them!
  7. Lastly, how much do you care about others?

    • It depends on who they are.
    • I always put others before me.
    • Uhh... I don’t really care about others.
    • A true titan never cares about others!
    • I genuinely care about everyone.
    • I am always alone.
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