Which Hero are you in Marvel's Civil War?

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Are you Captain America, fighting for truth and justice? Or are you trying to protect the people like Iron Man? Maybe you're a neutral player like Spider-Man! Take this quiz to find out!

  1. Where do you like to hang out?

    • A library.
    • A coffee shop.
    • The woods.
    • The park.
    • The movie theater.
  2. What's your favorite food?

    • Pizza.
    • Cheeseburger
    • Barbecue.
    • Salad.
    • Ethnic food.
  3. Who's your favorite DC character?

    • Green Lantern.
    • Superman.
    • The Flash.
    • Lex Luthor.
    • Anyone but Batman.
  4. If you were asked to join an elite superhero team, how would you respond?

    • Eh, why not? Sounds fun.
    • I don't play well with others.
    • I was born to do good.
    • Are we helping innocent people? I'm in!
    • I'll only join if there's something good in it for me.
  5. What's your favorite means of transportation?

    • Give me a motorbike, and I'm good!
    • I prefer running or walking.
    • Flying works well enough for me.
    • I need no means of transportation.
    • Sports cars are the only way to fly.
  6. Where do you stand on government control?

    • The people have the right to make their own decisions.
    • As long as I'm not affected, I don't really care.
    • The safety of the people is more important than liberty.
    • I have no interest in petty squabbles.
    • I'm still on the fence about this one...
  7. What useless power would you want?

    • The ability to act like a grandmother at any time.
    • The ability to change hair styles at will.
    • The power to destroy really nice cars.
    • The ability to grow a cape whenever I want.
    • The power of mediocrity.
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