How Well Do You Know Your 2004 Chick Flicks?

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It won't be that easy... Remember their lines-- without google!

  1. Who said this line? "Can I have one last first kiss?"

    • Lucy Whitmore
    • Prince Char
    • Kevin Copeland
  2. "Wanna know a secret? You're the sweetest guy I've ever known."

    • Jenna Rink
    • Lucy Whitmore
    • Ella of Frell
  3. "Tell me, do you get a kick out of near death experiences?"

    • Lucy Whitmore
    • Austin Ames
    • Prince Char
  4. "What can I get here, that has no sugar, no carbs and is fat-free?"

    • Lucy Wyman
    • Regina George
    • Shelby Cummings
  5. "Oh, how brave. Most interns don't even want to fetch me my tea."

    • Mrs. Norbury
    • Fiona Montgomery
    • Queen Clarisse Renaldi
  6. "I wonder if my opponent is basing her opinion on the Prince's politics or how cute she thinks his butt is?

    • Princess Mia
    • Dame Olga
    • Ella of Frell
  7. "Waiting for you is like waiting for the rain in this drought, useless and disappointing. "

    • Princess Mia
    • Allie Hamilton
    • Sam Montgomery
  8. "It's not about following your heart and it's not about keeping your promises. It's about security."

    • Marcus Copeland
    • Ella of Frell
    • Noah Calhoun
  9. "Nobody should be forced to do things they don't want to do."

    • Joanna Eberhart
    • Ella of Frell
    • Queen Clarisse
  10. "It was the first time I realized absolute reality could be so much more fun than fantasy."

    • Mary Elizabeth Steppe
    • Cady Heron
    • Sam Montgomery
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