Which Netflix Original Show Do You Belong In?

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Do you belong with the vigilantes of Hell's Kitchen or the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary? Find out which Original Netflix show you belong in here!

  1. It's the end of a long, hard day. How do you relax?

    • By staying away from my family
    • Destroy my enemies!
    • I can never relax.
    • Try not to get killed.
    • Sit around in my crappy apartment all evening.
    • Hot date with my girlfriend
    • Listen to the people in my head for a while
  2. You find yourself with an enemy, how do you deal with them?

    • Pay them off
    • Beat the crap out of them
    • Work around them
    • Make friends with them
    • Use some of my friends skills on them
    • Stab them with a toothbrush
  3. What day job would you prefer?

    • Politician!
    • Shady Lawyer!
    • Eight at once!!
    • Lawyer... by day!
    • Housekeeper!
    • Unemployed!
    • Business Owner!
  4. How many friends do you assume you have?

    • Zero.
    • Plenty, they're a bit weird though
    • A few...
    • Friends? I spend too much time dealing with my family
    • Seven.
    • Three... maybe four... no three
    • Hopefully a couple.
  5. You find a pile of drugs, what do you do with it?

    • Sell it
    • Don't be seen with it
    • Get rid of it
    • Hide it in my attic
    • Ask my friends what to do
    • Smoke it
    • Destroy it
  6. Which hashtag suits you best?

    • #vigilantism
    • #screwed
    • #jailed
    • #whatisahashtag
    • #president
    • #insane
    • #bettercallme
  7. Favourite colour?

    • Orange
    • What's a colour?
    • Blue...th
    • Pink!
    • Black
    • Money... I mean green.
    • I like all the colours
  8. Which show would you binge on Netflix?

    • Orange is the New Black
    • Sense8
    • House of Cards
    • Daredevil
    • Better Call Saul
    • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    • Arrested Development
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