who are you most likely to marry.

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who will you marry from the vampire dairies

  1. What type of guy is hot to you

    • bad were he makes you feel free
    • in the middle were he makes you wonder what your doing
    • good that he would do any thing for you
  2. if you could be any thing what would it be

    • a vampire that dosen't care about any thin
    • a hyrbird that dosen't want any one to know he cares
    • a vampire that hates him self for what hes done
  3. who would be your best friend

    • caroline
    • anna
    • bonnie
    • rebecka
    • elena
    • vickey
  4. if you could be one of these what would you be

    • hyrbird
    • a witch
    • vampire
    • werewolf
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