Which X-Men Team Should You Join?

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Have you ever wondered whether you'd be a better fit in the movie X-Men, the comic-book X-Men, or even the New Mutants? Well, wonder no more...

  1. Uh-Oh. Puberty just hit, and you're noticing some strange changes happening to your body. Specifically, you now have:

    • The ability to teleport!
    • Psychic powers!
    • Wings!
    • Super speed!
    • Laser beam eyes!
  2. Unsurprisingly, you're pretty freaked out - but who do you call for help?

    • That guy in the wheelchair from TV?
    • The emergency services.
    • My parents, duh.
    • No-one - I can handle this on my own...
    • I actually had the Xavier Institute on speed-dial, just in case...
  3. Eventually, though, you rock up at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, eager to learn - but no-one's answering the doorbell. What do you do?

    • Head around back, and see if there's another entrance...
    • Kick the door down...
    • Wait patiently on the doorstep...
    • Peer through a window...
    • Ring the bell again...
  4. You finally make it inside - it turned out that Beast had a hairball, and everyone was watching - but what's your first move?

    • Finding and befriending Kitty Pryde and/or Nightcrawler. Clearly.
    • There's a giant flat-screen TV with my name on it.
    • Is it too soon to use the Danger Room?
    • I should probably talk to the professor, right?
    • There's got to be a class going on somewhere I can join, surely...
  5. Before you can decide, though, you're called into Professor X's office. He asks: "What do you think your powers should be used for?" Your response?

    • "Making a difference"
    • "Learning to be better"
    • "Watching out for other mutants"
    • "Fighting for what's right"
    • "Helping to save the world"
  6. Your answer must have been the right one, since Professor X tells you you're in. Five X-Men enter the room - and he asks you to pick one of them as your mentor. Who's it going to be?

    • Cyclops!
    • Rogue!
    • Wolverine!
    • Storm!
    • Shadowcat!
  7. Your new teacher seems happy with your choice - and offers to give you a tour of the mansion. Where do you want to go first, though?

    • The canteen - I'm starving!
    • Wherever all of the other students are?
    • The dorms? I'd like to get settled in...
    • Seriously, is it too soon to use the Danger Room?
    • The Blackbird hangar isn't off limits, right?
  8. Before you make it more than five steps, though, Iceman runs past. He and Nightcrawler are organizing a school-wide game of tag. You want to join?

    • Which side is Rogue on? I'm with them...
    • Team Iceman is clearly the cooler choice...
    • Pfft. Games are for kids...
    • I reckon I'll stick with whatever my new mentor does...
    • Team Nightcrawler for the win!
  9. Come dinnertime, the whole school is bruised, dirty...and grinning from ear to ear. You ended up tagging Colossus to win the game - but how did you do it?

    • Teamwork - Goldballs, Cannonball and Angel all had my back...
    • An elaborate (but effective) plan involving ropes, pulleys and Kitty Pryde's closet...
    • I shoulder-charged him when no-one was looking...
    • I cornered him while he was carrying a TV...
    • Dumb luck...
  10. The whole school is waiting on you now, though. Your new friends have suggested some (goofy) code-names for you, in honor of your victory. Which one will you go for, though?

    • Bad-Ass
    • Captain X
    • X-Treme
    • Codenames are for suckers...
    • Tag-Out
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