Which Hero Are You?

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Find out which epic film character is most like you!

  1. What drives you?

    • Absolution and Fulfillment
    • Intellectual Curiosity and Adventure
    • Vengeance and Patriotism
    • Poverty and Inequality
    • Crime and Injustice
  2. How would you describe your social status?

    • Expert Academic and World Traveller
    • Living two lives anonymously
    • Wealthy Businessman
    • Single Parent Just Getting By
    • Average / Commoner with Leadership Skills
  3. What best describes your romantic life?

    • Playboy / Playgirl
    • Those days are over
    • Cautious not to get too romantically involved
    • Single, Career Focused so not actively looking
    • Widower
  4. What's your main flaw?

    • Cold and Aloof Image
    • Obsessiveness and Self Sacrifice While Refusing Credit for Your Deeds.
    • Freedom Fighter Until Death
    • The Cause You Work For Sometimes Takes Priority Over Your Loved Ones
    • Carelessly Cavalier and Pompous
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