Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

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Are you brave like Harry? Quirky like Luna? Or smart like Hermione? Find out!

  1. You've had house points deducted - how do you react?

    • I'm upset, but I'll look on the bright side of things and cheer my mates up
    • This is an outrage! It's wrong I tell you!
    • This is ludicrous and it's not my fault. I know exactly who is to blame and I'm going to get them in so much trouble
    • It's OK to lose some and win some - what's done is done.
    • More points deducted? What did I do? This is so unfair!
    • Why were the house points taken? Are you sure there hasn't been a mistake?
    • WHAT! This is a joke! You won't get away with this!
    • It's ever so unfair, but I can earn them back later
  2. You're about to play Quidditch. How are you feeling?

    • The snitch is pretty
    • I can do this, there is no need to be alarmed, I know what I'm doing and I'll be fine!
    • I'm fine, as long as those cheating Gryffindors don't win
    • I'm relaxed. This is an intriguing and fun sport! There are some things more important than winning
    • Nervous about a lot of things, but I'm just glad to be on the team
    • A little nervous, but ready
    • This will be loads of fun - let's get to it guys!
    • Let's show them how it's done! I will win!
  3. What's the most important lesson out of the following:

    • Be brave - fight for what is right
    • Be careful, life can sometimes be unforgiving and it is too late to turn back
    • There is good in everything, and don't forget to appreciate the beauty all around you, be kind to everyone and everything
    • It's OK to not be perfect, and you are important in the grand scheme of things, and you've got to fight! Fight for what's right!
    • Be brave - for your friends and family
    • Listen to your parents, don't let people make you feel inferior and pride is everything
    • Be brave - it's the right thing to do
    • Love is the most important and strongest emotion of all - remember it in times of need, and everything else will come
  4. What's your favourite Hogwarts lesson?

    • Divination
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts - it fascinates me
    • Lunch
    • Charms
    • Care of Magical Creatures
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts - it's vital
    • Potions
    • They are all valuable subjects
  5. What's your favourite muggle subject?

    • Maths
    • Again - lunch
    • I don't know
    • As long as the tutor's not an idiot and the company is good then anything
    • Sports
    • Psychology
    • English
    • Art
  6. Which house do you belong to and why?

    • Gryffindor - because I value bravery the most and it's who I am
    • Gryffindor - because it's where I belong
    • SLYTHERIN! We are the best
    • Slytherin, because me and the people closest to me matter the most
    • Gryffindor - because I value bravery and it's important
    • Ravenclaw, wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure
    • I could be a Hufflepuff - I'm patient and loyal and unafraid of toil
    • All the houses have their merits, I'm unsure
  7. What do you think of house elves?

    • They should be treated the same as humans and have the same rights - we are equal
    • Where would we be without them? They are as valuable to the wizarding world as any other creature
    • They're all right, I guess, just the same as everyone else really
    • I like them, they are my friends
    • They are here to serve us
    • They're funny little fellows aren't they? I love them
    • Some are nice, some are off their rocker
    • Don't really have an opinion of them
  8. What's your favourite thing to do?

    • Be with friends and loved ones
    • Go on an adventure
    • To be alone, or with someone special
    • Reading
    • The simplest things in life are the best
    • Look after/ study animals
    • Get up to no good, cause mischief and have fun
    • Eating or sleeping
  9. What scares you the most?

    • Losing someone I love
    • Rejection, not being wanted
    • Losing someone I love - and being responsible
    • Failure
    • Nothing, after my biggest fears have already come true - there's nothing left to be afraid of, I'm not frightened of anything anymore
    • Losing my parents
    • Spiders
    • The consequences if I disobey
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