Which Amnesia Movie Would You Be In?

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Have you ever wanted your life to be just like a movie? What if it's a movie where you lose your memory?

  1. Where did you wake up?

    • In the sea
    • In a nursery Room
    • In your bedroom
    • In a large hotel suite
    • In an orphanage
    • In a dirty motel room
  2. Who did you initially trust?

    • Nobody
    • Your idiot friends
    • A weird looking suitor
    • A German woman
    • A con-man
    • An old man reading you a story
  3. How would you keep track of your memories?

    • Get random flashbacks
    • Paint...a lot.
    • Pictures from your phone
    • Tattoo evidence to yourself
    • Write it in a notebook
    • Hit redial on your phone
  4. How do you get out of a bad situation?

    • Pretend to be somebody else, preferably rich
    • Shout for help
    • Shoot your enemies
    • Using your advanced combat skills
    • Pretend to not speak English
    • I can't, I would probably just get arrested
  5. What triggers your past memories?

    • A necklace
    • Confidential government documents
    • A stripper, Mike Tyson, and an asian man
    • Polaroid pictures
    • A hand-written love story
    • Pineapples
  6. You lost your trust in...

    • Your friend who drugged you
    • Your dad and brother
    • A guy named Teddy
    • The C.I.A
    • Your own sense of reality
    • The Con-Man
  7. Do you sometimes feel like...

    • A lonely old man?
    • A killer?
    • You have an actually insane friend?
    • A princess?
    • You're spy crime-fighting assassin?
    • The whole town is lying to you?
  8. Which places have you visited?

    • Las Vegas, Nevada
    • South Carolina, U.S.A
    • Moscow, Russia
    • Hawaii, U.S.A
    • Paris, France
    • Los Angeles, California
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