Do You Have the Imagination and Courage to Survive the Neverending Story?

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The Neverending Story is a particularly harrowing kids movie, but do you have the bravery and cunning to escape The Nothingness and restore Fantasia?

  1. You find a mysterious tome with bizarre engravings, what would you do with it?

    • Your curiosity gets the better of you and you flick through it and take some notes before you leave it for its owner to find
    • You call a friend and ask them to come and take a look with you, you make decisions better with the help of others
    • It looks valuable and probably belongs to someone else, I should hand it in to someone
    • You tuck it in your bag and take it with you, there is something about it that compels you to pick it up
  2. You wake up one morning in a strange new realm, how would you react?

    • I would be eager to explore, but I wouldn't wander far at first in fear that I will never get back
    • I would take note of the position of the sun and start walking in one direction while drinking in the strange new surroundings
    • I would run off to explore and find if there are any inhabitants here, a whole new world is no fun alone
    • I must be dreaming, I would have to pinch myself hundreds of times to accept it!
  3. Do you operate well under pressure?

    • I take some time to get in the zone and think, and then I'm fine
    • I'm calm under pressure
    • I worry that I will make the right decision, but I can remain relatively clear headed
    • I tend to panic when the pressure is on
  4. You encounter a strange looking creature who offers you advice, what do you do?

    • You aren't sure whether you totally trust the creature, but you are prepared to give it a chance
    • You politely decline it's assistance for now, you want to find your own way for a while
    • It seems trustworthy so you take the advice to heart immediately
    • You ask as many questions as possible about the strange land your in and decide to accept help if the creature's answers seem knowledgable
  5. What would say is your best quality as an adventurer?

    • An open heart
    • Logic
    • Imagination
    • Courage
  6. You encounter a desperate animal in stuck in the mud, what do you do?

    • You run back the way you came to try and get help, you don't think your strong enough to do this alone
    • You do everything you can for the stricken animal, but your careful not to endanger yourself
    • You scribble a plan in your notepad to make a lever to try and pry it out
    • You throw yourself into trying to save the panicked animal, nothing else matters right now
  7. You wake up with your head throbbing from an injury you don't remember and a giant beast looking over you, what do you do?

    • Something deep inside you says this beast is your friend, and you decide to accept it for now
    • Naturally, you're terrified, but it hasn't eaten you yet so that must count as something
    • You are so desperate for comfort in this strange place that you accept the beast with open arms
    • It hasn't harmed me yet, so logically I'm safe, but I keep a weapon in my bag just in case
  8. Are you able to trust your own intuition?

    • Always
    • I don't believe in intuition
    • I find it hard to know when to trust my gut instinct or not
    • If it is strong enough, I can't help but go with it
  9. A creature emerges from the darkness and you have a feeling it's not friendly, what do you do?

    • Runnnnnnnn!
    • I don't think it's seen me yet, I hide and try to learn from its behavior
    • I speak to it before I decide whether to fight it, even if it's evil it might have something useful to stay
    • I go on the offensive, better to be safe than sorry
  10. Would you say you have a vivid imagination?

    • No, I'm a more logical sort of person
    • I do, but I prefer to be grounded in the real world
    • 100 percent, but I do have a tendency to get lost in a dream world
    • Yes, it's one of my strong suites
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