Mighty King of Atlantis or Smiley Super Friend: Which Aquaman Are You?

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Are you a bad-ass, feared warrior or an aquatic goofball? Embrace your inner-Aquaman by taking this quiz and sharing your results with your sea-life friends!

  1. You're at Bruce Wayne's party! How do you act?

    • I take the opportunity to charm guests with my quick wit and good looks.
    • I sit brooding in the corner, then leave shortly after.
    • I wasn't invited, but I turn up anyway & dance my ass off to Disney's 'Under the Sea'!
    • I'm polite, but not too talkative.
    • I'm chatty, but I'm only really there to check out Wayne Manor!
  2. You're in a fight... on land!!! How well do you perform?

    • No matter where I am, I'll find a way to use my oceanic powers!
    • My superpod of Dolphins would be paddling on the beach as I get my ass kicked...
    • I'll kick some ass, but only as much as your average muscular mammal on land.
    • On land, in the ocean, whatever! I'm still feared by anybody stupid enough to fight me.
    • I'll probably end up in pieces, but I can rebuild myself pretty easily.
  3. You need to speed across the Atlantic Ocean, whats your mode of transport?

    • I swim, elegantly and with haste!
    • Summon some friendly swordfish and use them like water-skis!
    • Wonder Woman should be flying overhead with her invisible jet... maybe I'll hitch a ride with her?
    • I'd order a Shark to take me, then clip myself onto it's fin.
    • I swim, aggressively. Good luck to anything in my way.
  4. Who is your closest ally within the Justice League?

    • Wonder Woman
    • Superman
    • The Flash (Barry Allen)
    • I can only choose one? But we're all best buddies!
    • Batman (Bruce Wayne)
  5. Green Lantern just made a joke about your ability to talk with sea-life. How do you react?

    • Chuckle, but just to be polite. I can take a joke!
    • I shut him up instantly by mentioning his greatest foe... the color yellow.
    • I laugh and immediately retell it to my friends... who happen to be sea-lions.
    • I laugh with him, the joke is awesome!
    • I Instantly throw my trident straight at his head!
  6. You can only exist in one form: Which do you choose?

    • As a toy and other awesome merchandise!
    • Right where I started - in comic books and graphic novels!
    • Animated, but only in a goofy, fun way!
    • Animated, as long as I'm part of the DCAU.
    • In my own live-action movie, of course!
  7. Wonder Woman just asked you out on a date... How do you react?

    • As long as we stay true to the source material... I accept!
    • I accept, but only if my costume stays brighter than hers!
    • I accept, but make a fool of myself on the first date...
    • Sorry Wonder Woman, I'm already spoken for!
    • No thanks. I work alone... and anyway, I'm too busy brooding.
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