They All Float! Can You Defeat IT?

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Can you defeat IT like the Losers' Club? Or will Pennywise get you?! Find out!

  1. What do you think of clowns?

    • I'm not afraid of them
    • They're a bit creepy
    • Clowns are OK - I guess...
    • I'm terrified of them!
  2. Are you scared of spiders?

    • Only if they're massive
    • I don't like them - they move too fast!
    • Yes! Very!
    • Hell no! Squish 'em!
  3. You're running away from a maniac with a knife and your friend falls - what do you do?!

    • I'll fight this maniac!
    • Keep running, they'll be OK
    • Freeze because I am terrified
    • Help them up and try to save them
  4. You can see Pennywise - what do you do?

    • Freeze
    • Cry
    • Run
    • Fight
  5. How does Pennywise make you feel?

    • He is the scariest thing I have ever seen! I've had nightmares about him!
    • I hate him - he's evil
    • I know he can't hurt me - I'll be OK
    • I'm glad I don't live in Derry...
  6. How far would you go for your friends and family

    • I'd do anything for them, but there's a line - sometimes you can't help somebody
    • Depends on the situation
    • I'd do anything for them - I'd die for them
    • I don't really like my family/ friends
  7. What's your opinion on strangers?

    • They're scary
    • I hate people
    • I was always taught never talk to strangers
    • They're not all bad, friends and couples all started off as strangers...
  8. What do you think of fear?

    • I'm only scared of clowns
    • I'd rather not think about it - I hate what it does to me
    • It's all in the mind, it is possible to control it, even though it has the ability to consume you
    • It's the worst emotion ever - it paralyses you and can stop you from doing anything
  9. What's your response to danger or fear when alone?

    • I don't care what happens to me, it's just me and no one else in danger
    • Fight it - I'm not afraid! I'll do anything to protect myself
    • I freeze and am too scared to do anything
  10. What's your response to danger or fear when with friends?

    • I'd sacrifice myself for them, no matter how afraid I was
    • We have to stick together! Fight this thing! And stop it from attacking more people!
    • Use them as human shields
  11. Are you brave?

    • No
    • I like to think I am but really I'm a chicken
    • Depends
    • Yes
  12. How do you react to your biggest fears?

    • I swear and become angry
    • I don't think about them, and I just ignore them when confronted with them because I can't stand to think of or be around them
    • I'm terrified. I shake, sweat, stutter - but deep down I know it's an irrational fear, even though it's hard to be rational
  13. If you had already conquered IT once, would you return to Derry?

    • I must be crazy but yes
    • Yes, let's see what Pennywise has up his sleeve!
    • Yes - I made a promise to my friends
    • No - I couldn't bear it
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