Which On-Screen Hulk Are You?

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Are you a Bixby/Ferrigno or a Bana? Or are you a Norton or a Ruffalo? Find out now!!

  1. When you get mad, you?

    • Get it on with Liv Tyler.
    • Go hitchhiking to de-stress.
    • Go find your estranged dad to hug it out.
    • Hang with your buds.
  2. When you have some downtime, you...?

    • Hit the books. You can never study hard enough.
    • Hit on your hot co-worker.
    • Learn Spanish to hit on the chick down the hall.
    • Get ripped at the gym. Even smart guys need to be pumped.
  3. You best describe yourself as...?

    • Quiet but a bit moody.
    • Cute and loveable. Hiding your pain well below the surface.
    • Relaxed, into alternative lifestyle choices like yoga.
    • Intense to the point of obsessive.
  4. At work, you're...?

    • Hard working and dedicated.
    • Easily led by co-workers.
    • Sloppy.
    • Keen to cut corners.
  5. Your fashion sense is...?

    • Vintage.
    • Tweed. So much tweed.
    • Stretchy, you're all about comfort.
    • Bought by your mum.
  6. Your arch-nemesis is?

    • Whomever your friends are mad at. You want to fit in.
    • Yourself.
    • A jealous loser.
    • Your Dad. You've got issues there.
  7. You step on Lego with bare feet. Do you?

    • Get angry at Tony for leaving his toys out.
    • Meditate away the pain.
    • Go to the desert to rage-out.
    • Find Solace on the open road to deal with the emotional and physical agony.
  8. What's your favorite color?

    • Green
    • Green
    • Green
    • Green
  9. There's a plate of food in front of you. What do you do?

    • Snack away. Tony's paying.
    • Take some and share it with a homless man.
    • Eat it quickly. You never know where your next meal is coming from.
    • Only eat it if it's macrobiotic.
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