Which dish will Hannibal Lecter make out of you?

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The more interesting you are, the better meal you'll be. But what if you're rude and he doesn't particularly like you? What shall he do to you then? Dr. Hannibal Lecter is the classiest cannibal around... I wonder what he'll make out of your body parts?

  1. If you were to die of an ailment, which would it be?

    • Probably kidney stones if I continue on with my current lifestyle.
    • Either rheumatism, arthritis, or diabetes.
    • My lungs are weak.
    • I'll probably die because I couldn't keep my mouth shut.
    • Probably blood related issues.
  2. What's your weakness when you hit the gym?

    • Triceps are hard for me to work on.
    • I hate leg day.
    • Torso day is always a challenge, but pays off well!
  3. Favorite part of a meal?

    • The vegetable side dish.
    • The main course.
    • Dessert!
    • I love breakfast any time of day.
  4. What is your favorite part of beef?

    • I'm a vegetarian.
    • All of its loins.
    • The brisket.
    • Love chewing on the ribs!
  5. You were invited to Hannibal Lecter's feast. After 2 weeks, the rumor mill says that he served human meat! What's your reaction?

    • Luckily, I'm vegan! You disgust me!
    • I might never eat meat ever again!
    • I've already flushed them outta my system, dude. I have to admit though, he cooks fine.
  6. Do you find Dr. Lecter to be a good psychiatrist?

    • He's alright.
    • No. Not at all! A lot of patients died during and after their treatments with him.
    • He is as psychopatic as all his patients, he just hides it well. He is vile!
  7. What's your favorite hobby?

    • I love equestrian.
    • Fishing
    • I love to create murals and other art
    • Writing
  8. Can you coerce people to do your bidding?

    • Sometimes they just pity me so they do as I say.
    • In other words, manipulation... I do that pretty well.
    • I can convince people with well chosen words and an articulate writing style.
  9. Choose an animal.

    • I love all the animals on this planet. Fierce or tame... that's why I'm vegan.
    • Dogs!
    • Stag, cows, moose, bulls, any animal with horns.
  10. Be honest. Do you find this delectable?

    • Hell yeahhhh! It looks delectable.
    • There are way better looking dishes than that. I'll pass.
    • I love food with gravy on them.
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