Which Member of the Justice League Are You?

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Do you ever thought you're The Flash, but you want to be Batman, Green Lantern or Superman...Here's how to know wich member of the Justice League are you...

  1. What do you do after save the day?

    • Don't know what to say
    • Thank the city for trusting me
    • I run without a word
    • Tell a joke to raise the mood
    • Fly to outer space
  2. Where do you prefer to battle

    • On the streets of the city
    • In downtown
    • In the outer space
    • In a dark alley
    • Near the sea
  3. Wich one is your favorite superpower

    • Super speed
    • Project my thoughts with a ring
    • Talk to sea creatures
    • Fly
    • Actually, I don't need superpowers to fight crime
  4. Do You prefer to work in team

    • Yeah! Never dislike a little help
    • I prefer to work together with sea creatures
    • Yes, teamwork is the best it can be
    • Sometimes I need help, some other times I don't need it...
    • No, I prefer to do things on my own.
  5. What do you prefer to do with villains

    • Put them in prision
    • Take them to the Police Department
    • Give them a punishment they would never forget
    • Send them to outer space
    • Drown them
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