how well do you know your scary movies? (;

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this quiz is about testing you minds on how well you really know your scary movies cx

  1. in what year was "the devils rejects" released? no cheating (;

    • 2001
    • 2005
    • 1998
  2. which part of the centepede died first?

    • none
    • middle
    • end
  3. why did stu commit the murders with billy?

    • becuase billy bribed stu
    • because billy was gonna blame the killings on stu if he didnt
    • because billy told stu thay would become famous
  4. in which saw movie did amanda take over?

    • saw IV
    • saw II
    • saw III
  5. what was the same of the girl who first got possesed?

    • olivia
    • mia
    • natalie
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