What Kind Of Movie Fan Are You?

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Do you kind of like movies or are you that ultimate fan that every actor fears?

  1. What is your phone screen saver?

    • A blurry selfie I took with my favourite actor at Comic Con.
    • Just a random image or like a wave. Whatever the phone came with really.
    • An image of my favourite movie.
  2. What does your bedroom wall look like?

    • Plain with a few posters.
    • My wall is a collage full of movie images!
    • A painted wall or wallpaper.
  3. How long do you wait to watch a movie?

    • Probably the week it comes out or when I have time to see it in cinemas.
    • Wait?! I'm watching it on premiere night!
    • Maybe wait until I can download it somewhere or stream it somewhere.
  4. What's your favorite food?

    • Popcorn and a Frozen Coke
    • Steak and Mash
    • McDonald's Happy Meal
  5. What do you do at Comic-Con?

    • Set up a game plan so I can go to as many panels and meet and greets as I can.
    • Line up at a few panels like the Marvel one or my favorite TV Show.
    • Just hang around and hopefully see a celebrity or two.
  6. What's your email address?

  7. Who said; "I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore"

    • Dorothy from Wizard of Oz
    • Isn't it obvious?
    • The Wizard?
  8. What does your movie collection look like?

    • My entire room is covered in shelves full of DVDs and Blu-ray and the movie's soundtrack albums!
    • I have a solid shelf dedicated to DVDs and Blu-rays!
    • I have a few DVDs lying around.
  9. Who is the best Batman?

    • Christian Bale, all the way.
    • Michael Keaton, of course.
    • George Clooney!
  10. What's your favorite movie?

    • Um...I don't know, *Insert Movie Title Here*, Maybe?
    • Can I tell you my top 5?
    • Oh my gosh, don't even ask me, we'll be here all day.
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