What Star Trek (2009) Character are you?

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Which are one you? What will you do to save the Universe? Federation or Empire?

  1. If a Crew member decide to fight a Klingon. What would you do?

    • Shoot them, even the Klingon.
    • Join in the fight.
    • I am Out of here!
    • Report it to the Captain of my Vessel
  2. Which of these would most benefit humanity?

    • Instant diagnosis medical scanner
    • Transporter technology
    • Phasers
    • Contact with intelligent alien life
  3. How would you want to die?

    • I would not want to die on a starship for sure. Or in space Because I want to be alive for at least until I am 82.
    • I wont ever die.
    • With my Family and Friends.
    • I want to die in the Enterprise. While on my duty. And before I die I want make sure the Enterprise is in good hands.
  4. Whats your favorite ship?

    • What?!?
    • None. But if I have to choose then I'll go with.....The Enterprise
    • U.S.S Kevin
    • U.S.S Enterprise (NCC-1701)
  5. What do you bring to the team.

    • A winning strategy ! Duh?!?!
    • I bring Logic.
    • Revenge, I bring Revenge.
    • I am the group's Conscience!
  6. Which of these character flaws do you struggle with most?

    • Deep-seated fears and phobias and A Lack of Being open-minded!
    • Being nice.
    • Over-Eagerness when I get a Mission!
    • I am Literally Perfect you see!
  7. What would you do with some one who killed your mother.

    • I'll give them another Chance. As long as you get me away from here without dieing.
    • I would put them in jail.
    • If you don't surrender I will Set Phasers to Kill!
    • I would kill them after I destroy there home planet. And make them watch.
  8. If your Ship was going down. What would you do?

    • I wish that would never happened. That's why I don't like starships.
    • Destroy what ever damaged your ship.
    • Get Everyone off the Ship
    • Repair the Ship. Even if you may die. And Destroy what ever damaged your ship.
  9. Someone is invading your ship. What do you do?

    • Disable our transport!
    • Enable Self Destruction.
    • Kill them all!
    • Great Now were all Prisoners!
  10. In another life I might have been...

    • A Pilot
    • A Cowboy/Cowgirl?
    • A Poet
    • Politician
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