Which Pixar Supporting Character Are You?

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Who wants to be Buzz, Wall-E, Russell or Lightning Mcqueen anyhow? That's too mainstream!

  1. On a rainy night, you'd rather...

    • Go to the movie theater
    • Stay at home watching TV
    • Cuddle up with your boyfriend or girlfriend
    • Go for a chilly walk and a hot coffee
  2. Your favorite sport is...

    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Football
    • Soccer
  3. Friendship is about...

    • Loyalty
    • Respect
    • Trust
    • Caring
  4. If Earth was about to explode in a matter of minutes, who would you spend your last bit of time with?

    • My beloved pet
    • My close friends
    • My loving family
    • My significant other
  5. Which one of these options scare you the most?

    • Deafening silence
    • Cruel kindness
    • Joyful sadness
    • Blinding darkness
  6. The future is a place...

    • Where I have been, but I don't know it yet
    • That only exists in the present
    • That differing roads have led me to
    • Full of free-will and destiny
  7. The epilogue in the book of your life would read...

    • I would repeat the mistakes that took me to this place
    • I wish I could reboot my life
    • In the end, no one mattered but me
    • Been there, done that, and I don't regret a thing
  8. Which of these creative professions would you choose?

    • Photographer
    • Music Composer
    • Screenwriter
    • Filmmaker
  9. Hardcore video gamer, eh? Which is your favorite console?

    • The Xbox One
    • The PlayStation 4
    • I don't like video games
    • The Nintendo Wii U
  10. When was the last time you did something kind and selfless for another?

    • Honestly, it was long time ago...
    • A year ago
    • A month ago
    • A week ago
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