In which species of Marvel/DC universe do you belong?

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Are you just a human?. Or maybe a mutant? It could even be a meta human. Find out!

  1. What's your perfect day schedule?

    • Spending time with the ones I love
    • Having fun outside with my friends
    • Sleep, food and sleep again
    • Reading a good book next to a fireplace
  2. Where would you like to live?

    • In a skyscraper
    • In a palace
    • In a penthouse
    • In a mansion
  3. Which superpower would you want to have?

    • The ability to heal from any wound
    • All of them!
    • The ability to control the four elements
    • A sonic scream with which you can destroy everything and everyone in your path
    • The ability to run faster than the speed of light
    • Telepathy and telekinisis
    • The ability to control fire
    • I don't want any superpowers
  4. Favorite non-superhero movie?

    • Mad Max: Fury Road
    • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    • Jurassic World
    • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  5. Trick Question: Marvel or DC?

    • Do I really have to decide?
    • Marvel
    • Both
    • DC For the Win!
  6. For which of these movies are you more excited?

    • X-Men Apocalypse
    • Civil War
    • None of these
    • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
    • Deadpool
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