Quiz: How Well Do You Know 'Freddy vs. Jason'?

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Think you remember all of the frightening details of the epic crossover horror gem? Try your best!

  1. Who gets killed first in the film?

    • Lori Campbell
    • Jason's mother
    • Jesse Keller
    • A random teenager
  2. How did Jason get out of Hell?

    • Leatherface told him he had to
    • Freddy awoke him disguised as his mother
    • Hegets awakened by a bolt of lightning
    • He never got out
  3. Why is Freddy no longer alive?

    • Because he was killed by a pack of wolves
    • Because people forgot about him
    • Because he was fatally stabbed by Michael Meyers
    • Because Jason murders him
  4. Where are Will and Mark in the movie?

    • They're dead
    • Checked into a mental hospital
    • In a prison somewhere in Texas
    • Attending school
  5. How did Jason kill THIS guy?

    • He impales a flaming machete into his chest
    • He stabs a knife into his mouth
    • He slices him in half with a pole
    • He spins his head all the way around, snapping it
  6. Who is Lori's love interest?

    • Will Rollins
    • Mark Davis
    • Jason Vorhees
    • Charlie Linderman
  7. Who is the one to chop off Freddy's head in the end?

    • Jason
    • Mark
    • Lori
    • Officer Porkers
  8. Which horror great wins the battle of Freddy vs. Jason?

    • Jason takes it easily
    • It ends in a fair tie
    • Freddy does. He's unstoppable, and unbeatable
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