Which Superhero Are You?

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Ever wonder which of the greats you could be? Find out now!!

  1. How did you get your powers?

    • Powers? I don't need powers to do what's right.
    • I was born on another planet. We all have powers when we come here.
    • So yeah, I found a ring and I totally meant to hand it in to the cops...
    • You shouldn't ask a lady a personal question like that.
    • Everything special about me came out of a bottle, apparently.
    • I was born this way, bub.
    • I went on the wrong school trip man.
    • Science bitch!!
    • I trained really hard under a guy with no sense of humour whatsoever!
    • Necessity. Then just goofing about in the garage because I was lonely.
  2. What's your biggest weakness?

    • Slipping out of my costume during a fight.
    • My sense of responsibility weighs me down.
    • Mommy/Daddy issues cause me to live in the past.
    • My temper. I'm my own worst enemy.
    • I may be fond of partying too hard some times.
    • Crowbars.
    • Kryptonite.
    • Nostalgia.
    • Slippery surfaces.
    • Nothing can stop me! Except maybe mustard or a type 2 pencil...
  3. Your friends and team mates describe you as...?

    • Plucky.
    • Old-Fashioned.
    • Unreliable.
    • A loose canon.
    • Manipulative.
    • Smarter than I look.
    • Fierce.
    • Overbearing.
    • A bit of a boy scout.
    • Cocky.
  4. Your best quality is?

    • My patriotism.
    • My courage.
    • Loyalty.
    • My mind. I'm smarter than you.
    • My lack of fear in tough situations.
    • I'm the best there is at what I do.
    • My sense of responsibility.
    • My heart.
    • My innovative nature.
    • My integrity.
  5. You get a day off. What do you do?

    • Go to flea markets looking for old vinyl records.
    • Train hard. My boss is kinda hard on me if I slack off.
    • Hit a dive bar.
    • Sharpen my blade so i'm ready to cleave my enemies in two.
    • Sulk on my own.
    • Day off? Crime doesn't rest so neither do I.
    • Go for a run.
    • Tinker in the lab.
    • Catch up on episodes of 'Community'.
    • Hit on women. I'm a superhero after all.
  6. Your arch nemesis attacks!! What do you do?

    • Fear for the safety of others but do the right thing no matter what.
    • Conquer them in style.
    • Power up and charge in without fear.
    • Suit up, clear the bad guys fast.
    • Find somewhere to change clothes. Phone booths are hard to find these days though.
    • Clear civilians first then take charge of the situation.
    • Spring into action! Your mind races to determine the best course of action to take them down without killing them.
    • Go feral instantly and tear them apart.
    • Get the right tools to take them down.
    • Remember your training. It'll get you through whatever happens.
  7. When it comes to the opposite sex, you?

    • Appear invisible. They just don't notice you.
    • Hit it and quit it.
    • Squirm awkwardly.
    • Avoid getting too close. It's a complication you don't need.
    • Make a move. Everybody loves the uniform.
    • Usually go for people you can't have.
    • Court them slowly.
    • Move fast. You don't want to miss a good thing.
    • Get more action that you'd expect. You never manage to make it last though.
    • Demand the respect you're due.
  8. At a party, you?

    • Drink heavily and start a fight.
    • Carry yourself confidently. You own the dance floor.
    • Kick back. Saving the world is hard, you deserve some fun.
    • Put on an act. You don't want to be there but you'll pretend to have a good time.
    • Try not to step on anybody's toes. You're clumsy at times.
    • Bust some insane moves on the dance floor.
    • Turn up late and rush out at a moment's notice using a lame excuse.
    • Feel awkward. What is this music they're playing?
    • Use fake ID to bring a keg.
    • Try not to drink too much. You know what you're like when you've had too many.
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