Which Star Wars Character Are You?

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The definitive personality quiz to determine who you'd be in the Star Wars Universe

  1. You’re suffering from a bad case of the gout, when suddenly a ghoul appears at your window. What’s the pattern on the ghoul’s socks?

    • A pirate eating a candle
    • Prosthetic kidneys
    • Girls playing double dutch
    • Silly tree frogs
  2. You look into a mirror and are sucked into another dimension. Within this dimension you find an ornate armoire shaped like Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks. You open the armoire to find

    • The ancestral home of Kathy Bates
    • A regurgitated pile of old loafers
    • Two colanders covered in honey
    • San Diego Charger’s legend, Dan Fouts
  3. After a long night of drinking cranberry vitamin water at the local saloon, a tabby cat enters wearing your mother’s bustier. It orders

    • Lead paint on the rocks
    • Alec Guinness
    • Schmaltz herring milkshake
    • A flowing lock of Ted Danson’s hair
  4. While painting a portrait of your third grade teacher, the phone rings. You pick up and are immediately transferred to

    • Krampus’ Workshop
    • Dan Rather’s Ophthalmologist
    • Pablo’s Auto Repair and Hosiery
    • Walgreens Pharmacy
  5. You wake from a night terror, lying next to you is

    • Last night’s Bolivian Sausage
    • Two pigeons singing “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”
    • Mr. Miyagi perched atop a chain link fence
    • Randy Newman
  6. While backward skipping down the freeway, you hear the whistling of a grizzly old man. What’s on your head?

    • Jon Luvitz’s Mancala Playset
    • A chocolate sombrero
    • Snorkeling flippers
    • A lincoln log cabin made of Twizzlers
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