Which Perverted Anime Character Are You?

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Are you a pervert? Ever wondered which male anime pervert represents you? Try this awesome quiz to find out! There are seven possible results, tell us which one you get in the comments!

  1. You are at the department store. Where would you go first?

    • Follow my girl, wherever she wants to go!
    • Fine dining restaurant, filled with beautiful women!
    • Lingerie stores!
    • I'd rather stay at home, I have better things to do!
    • Go with the flow, I will be wherever all the pretty babes at!
    • Newsstand, adult section!
    • The changing rooms to secretly spy on naked women!
  2. Are you going to be alone all day today?

    • No, that would be so sad.
    • Yes, I prefer to be alone.
    • Never, I am always on a date.
    • No, but more than three is crowd.
  3. One hour has passed. Now, what would you do?

    • Buy some dirty magazines.
    • Steal some lingerie.
    • Invite a beautiful woman to a date.
    • Continue with what I was doing, for another hour.
    • Mingle and flirt with all the pretty babes!
  4. Oh my! A woman has just flashed her sexy body in front of you!

    • I am five and what are you doing, sister!
    • I'm having a nose bleed!
    • I can tell her vital statistics right away.
    • I feel really uncomfortable about this.
    • Compliment her, what a nice body!
    • Fall in love… I like what I see.
  5. Phew, that was intense! She has left but her clothes and inner wear are on the floor. Would you be nice by picking it up and returning it to her?

    • OMG!!!
    • Yes, I must protect her nice body from harm!
    • I’ll pick up the inner wear, but never return it.
    • Hey woman, you forgot your clothes!
    • Maybe…
    • My nose hasn’t stop bleeding…
  6. A little girl approached and inquired on what you were doing.

    • N-nothing.
    • I am busy doing my research.
    • Reply to her like a gentleman.
    • Ignore her, I don’t like little girls.
    • Speechless.
  7. You are leaving. How do you feel about your day?

    • It's crazy but I love it!
    • Perfect!
    • Woohoo, what a haul!
    • Not bad, could be better.
    • Pretty interesting, totally did not expect this.
    • Too awesome! I don’t want to go home!
    • Best day ever!
  8. Choose one of the following answers below that best describes you!

    • I don't know why I am so popular with girls.
    • If you know what I mean. You name it, I have it.
    • I go crazy when there is too much sexiness!
    • I will never let any woman get hurt as long as I live!
    • I will feel very weak without a beautiful woman!
    • I am a pervert and I know it!
    • Femininity, everything about them intrigues me!
  9. Do you prefer older or younger women?

    • A true man does not discriminate, every woman in the world is precious!
    • Younger!
    • Older!
  10. Finally, if you could watch a movie with your goddess, which genre would it be?

    • Horror, she will get close when she is afraid!!
    • Any movie with more hot women in it.
    • Can we do something else instead? hehe.
    • No specific genre, but it will be something meaningful.
    • Anything she wants, I will be watching her all night anyway.
    • Maybe Romance? I’ll ask her f-first.
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