How Long Would You Last After the Outbreak in 'Fear The Walking Dead'?

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Would you instantly panic and be bitten, or could you adapt and survive to see the creation of a new world?

  1. You hear a rumor about a possible epidemic, what do you do?

    • Nothing, it's all rumor at this point
    • Review your disaster plan and start stockpiling food
    • Find a comfortable place to hole up for a while with a good stock of food, water and weapons
    • Buy some extra bottles of water and cans of food next time you're at the store
    • Fill the car up with gas, and get out of town for the weekend just in case
  2. You hear that hospital in your local area has been quarantined due to a strange virus that causes violent behavior. What do you do?

    • Retreat to your underground bunker in the mountains immediately
    • Set a google alert on your phone and read all the updates religiously
    • Bolt your doors and make sure that baseball bat is within' easy reach
    • Go and stay with friends in another city, this just doesn't feel right
    • Ignore it, it's obviously sensationalism
  3. How would you friends describe you prior to the apocalypse?

    • KInd
    • Smart
    • Naive
    • Loyal
    • Ruthless
  4. The Army start issuing warnings over all emergency channels telling people to remain inside and burn their dead, what do you do?

    • Go out quickly to get supplied before rushing home. I'm not going to stay indoors without some decent food!
    • Gather your close friends and family and leave immediately. You don't know where you're going but it's going to be far away from populated areas.
    • Get all your neighbors and friends together in one space, create a barrier of empty houses between you - safety in numbers.
    • Exactly as the government officials tell me, they know best.
    • Stay at home, but start getting equipment ready to go at a moments notice.
  5. Your home is not longer an option, where is your next choice of shelter?

    • A high rise building, great vantage point, and too many stairs to worry about zombies.
    • I'm headed straight to a two-storied house and barricading myself upstairs
    • An amusement park - way too many obstacles for zombies to make it through unnoticed
    • The garden shed, no one ever looks in there
    • A school, lots of doors and windows to escape through, and windy corridors to confuse walkers and intruders in
  6. Food is running low and rationing is a must, how do you feel about foraging and hunting to supplement supplies?

    • That's fine, my skills aren't that great but i'm willing to learn
    • I'll stick to my meagre rations for now, thanks
    • No problem, I'll literally eat anything.
    • No way, I'm not eating bugs and the thought of killing an animal repulses me.
    • I guess I could do it as a last resort, but I don't eat much anyway so I'll probably be fine...
  7. You encounter some weak looking stragglers on your travels, what do you do with them?

    • Give them some supplies and move on. They would only slow you down
    • Kill them. It's the most merciful thing for them
    • Grill them about their circumstances and try and suss them out. If they've survived this long, there must be more than meets the eye
    • You take pity on them and say they can join you for a day or two until they find somewhere to shelter
    • Let them join your crew immediately, poor little things
  8. How fit are you?

    • I'm not a gym junkie, but I can give most people a run for their money
    • I ran a 5k when I was at school once?
    • Rhino on steroids meets gazelle
    • The iron man triatholon is a gentle stroll to me
    • The only thing about me that runs is my nose
  9. Your best friend has been bitten, what do you do?

    • Reverse over them with a car - making sure their head is under the wheels, sorry buddy!
    • Four words: Look at the flowers
    • Panic
    • Give them a good, long hug
    • Lock them in a house and throw away the key. It's not worth wasting the ammo to dispatch them
  10. What would your weapon of choice be?

    • A paring knife
    • A crowbar
    • A 4WD car
    • A blanket to hide under
    • A handgun
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