Which Inside out emotion are you?

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Which emotion are you mainly made up of, from the movie Inside Out?

  1. Your WiFi connection isn't working. What do you do?

    • Nothing! It might blow up or set the house on fire, I'll get a profession in...MUM!!!! HELP!!!!
    • I'm not going anywhere near it, it's probably got gross spiders interfering with it's signal
    • WHAT! I'll just hit the box until it comes back on!
    • I'll just cry.
    • Oh well I'll just do something else like read a book or skip!
  2. Your mum shouts you for tea. It's a steamed vegetable dish including lumpy gravy, Brussel sprouts and BROCCOLI!

    • YES! My favorite!!!
    • Broccoli is green and that's the color of toxic waste. I think i'll skip dinner.
    • But I don't like any of that.
    • Yuck Not eating it NO WAY!
    • NO! I shall smash the brussel sprouts into tiny little pieces! I hate them!
  3. Your dog ate your homework

    • Oh well it happens. I will just do it again. He can't help it.
    • DAMN IT! I am going to have hot dogs tonight!!!!
    • I don't care. Homework's not for me.
    • I'm going to get told off...I won't go to school ever! I'm just going to cry!
    • I'm going to get a detention and get a referral. MY MUM'S GOING TO KILL ME!!
  4. What is your favorite food or drink?

    • Lemonade, but so many lemon's had to die to make it :(
    • Brownie because anything health is gross and nasty.
    • Something that can't cause food poison so Cookies or something
    • Ice Cream!!!!!!
  5. You miss your flight and have to pay a fine.

    • I'll just catch the next one and I held up the plane so I'll pay the fine, It's only £50 :D
    • I won't be able to go to America :(
    • I was too fabulous for that plane anyway.
    • That's okay. I mean it probably would of crashed or run out of petrol so I'm safer here!
  6. What is your favorite color?

    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Red
    • White
    • Pink
  7. Pick a letter!

    • R
    • Y
    • I
    • L
    • E
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